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Cupset DC is a DC based collective that bonds the DMV and impacts all manner of people through the use of red cups, filled with fashion, sports, music, design, art, brand activation and artist management.

Though our eclectic marketing, unique collaborations, slightly off kilter event spaces and activities, we keep our attendees on the edge every time. We never cease to grasp the attention of urban & pop demos in multiple cities from social media posting from loyal participants at our programs.

CupSet has quickly became a subculture that takes pride in individuality, equality, positive experiences & progression.

C.ool Ppl
U.p All Night
P.ouring Drinks
S.avoring Life

    Follow @juiceandco s/o #waleMMG  (Taken with instagram)

    Follow @juiceandco s/o #waleMMG (Taken with instagram)

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